Sea Splendor Petroleum Limited

With our experienced marine experts and engineers, Sea Splendor is an international marine energy logistics company with their global connections and trading expertise, providing a full range of marine services, including bunker fuel prices competitiveness, ISO standard and fuel quality compliance, technical support for lubricant, excellent after sales service and voyage fixture risk management around the worldwide ports.

Our experienced experts offer added value service to our customers at 24 hours’ services with flexibility. We are responsive, market knowledgeable and working at positive and supportive environment for following sectors:

  • Marine bunker supply

  • Marine lubricant supply

  • Technical engineering support

  • Price risk management

  • Management of oil tanker and supply barge


We have constantly in touch with refineries, cargo traders, national and independent suppliers to keep reviewing good track of IMO2020 fuel availability.

We work with reliable refineries, cargo traders and different suppliers to ensure that the compliance standard quality is supplied.

We have constantly in touch with shipowners, charterers, operators, technical and commercial managers, engineering manufacturers and shipbuilders to understand the needs of VLSFO and provide technical consideration reviews.

All fuel oil for combustion purposes on our own and charter oil tankers and supply barges must meet required fuel oil quality standards, as set out in IMO MARPOL Annex VI (regulation 18.3)



  • Assist shipowners, charterers and operators to switch over high sulphur to low sulphur to comply with the regulation.

  • Source different refineries and suppliers for good quality of VLSFO in compliance with the regulation

  • Reduce air pollution and make air cleaner